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just play tower of fortune lol

More usefull puzzle pieces.

Great game to waste a few minutes on.

Good, but hard to figure out what to do

Once I figured it out, I became addicted. It's nice to see someone try to innovate on the genre.



Maze Puzzle Game

Maze game. If you like puzzles and mazes you will enjoy this game. Instructions are integrated into level one, so you end up dying several times while you read the instructions. Once you get past that, game is great

More puzzle than RPG & hard

Just because this has elements of dungeon/RPG it doesn't mean it's going to be fun. If you don't like puzzles, stay away from this one. The intro was confusing and instructions didn't help. You basically rotate the pieces to make them align and move; there's also a timer and stuff you have to do. It feels like an interactive maze and the timer and stuff to do give you too much pressure/frustration for it to be fun. The music is weird and after the first level I've had enough. I've given a shot to their other games (of this developer(s)) but I just couldn't get into them. Unfortunately this game is not good either.

Tough but Fun

This is a really great game. Game Stew has done it again. Spin the tiles of the dungeon floor to complete each level. It is quite tricky!


Great game, but the character AI is very stupid.

Dungeon of Radness

Game Stew puts out another winner. This one is hard, hard. Wonderfully hair-pulling, and almost obscenely generous: it seems as though you could play forever. Great game, and a fine choice to live alongside, say, Auro.

Fun and hard!

Rotate the tiles, navigate the maze, kill the enemies and escape the dungeon. Another winner from Game Stew!

Give it a chance before you give up!

You'll get better at it! Very rewarding and creative

Another Gem from Game Stew

If you have enjoyed any of the previous titles from Game Stew, this is an insta-buy. Great game mechanics coupled with a HUGE wealth of items and character unlocks, all in the fantastic retro graphic style of the previous games. The puzzle elements are simple to learn, but will take a while to master. With randomly generated levels, there is also a ton of replay potential. Great game.


This is a challenging game.

Simple and complex

This game is based on a simple idea, but has turned out to be very complicated. Once you get the hang of it, you can either relax and just try to see how far you can go, or you can challenge yourself and try to accomplish everything on each floor. Can't wait to get some of the better heroes!

Having a great time

At first I was like what the hell you can't tell where this dude is going when he walks around, but once you learn how to control the hero and get him around this game is so addicting, plus all the unlocks I'll be playing for a while !

Not fun

The controls are weak. The gameplay is confusing and most times frustrating.

Not sure yet

Still getting the hang of it. Takes quick thinking!

Pipe Dream on Steroids

Fun game. Each time you restart the levels are new and unique. Difficult, but game has that "just one more time" quality.




Way too frustrating and hard, very little time to do anything before getting owned

Very Good

Another solid game guys. Thanks

Another Game Stew Classic

Truly awesome, Game Stew makes the best games

Game Stew Excellence

Developer/Designer has a long track record of interesting and engaging games focussed around one mechanic. This newest game takes Pipe Dream and adds a persistent RPG feel to it. Engaging fun with a positive (but hard) feedback loop to develop and unlock characters and defeat mightier dungeons. Highly Recommended.

Rewardi Experience

I found this frustrating at first but after a few games everything clicked and I'm really enjoying it. Great pipes and rpg hybrid.

Pac-Man meets a Roguelike?

Your mission is to get the key and exit the level, the only problem is there are several beasts wandering the maze that have acquired a taste for adventurers. Tap the individual tiles so as to create pathways to lead your adventurer to bashing baddies and grabbing loot while avoiding traps. Heck, if feeling really adventurous you might even help lead a defenseless hostage to safety for big bonus points before exiting yourself.

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